Age-group and topical links

Helpful resources for spiritual growth for those of all ages.

We encourage you to use these resources as you may have some more time at home

and if you aren't sure where to start please contact one of the elders.

This page will continually be under construction, so check back often!

Family Devotions

Here are some sources for high-quality, doctrinally sound devotions and studies for families to use.

Click here for an article from Truth:78. (Formerly Children Desiring God)

Here is an article about Family Devotions from Tim Challies.

Fighter Verses is a scripture memory program for the whole family from Truth:78. They offer inexpensive phone apps for both iOS and Android.


The RUF Hymnbook from Indelible Grace contains many songs we like to sing here at FABC. Pick up a guitar and get going! 

Don't know any guitar chords? Here is a nifty site.

City Alight produces Christian worship music with biblically rich lyrics. The site contains chords, lyrics, lead sheets and video for each of their songs.

Austin Stone Music posts lyrics, chords, and videos, too, but also display videos on how each instrument is played on their songs. Great for learning!

Sovereign Grace Music is another source for great music that also includes the tools you need to sing and play along.


Podcasts are great to listen to with your Bible, notebook, and coffee at hand, or when you are working with your hands on something else. You can listen on-site or subscribe using your favorite podcasting software.

Grace to You offers a variety of podcasts by John MacArthur and other authors, all under the umbrella of Grace Community Church.

The Briefing is Al Mohler's sharp insights on current events.

Ask Pastor John consists of short segments of John Piper answering Bible questions posed by curious listeners.

Renewing Your Mind features messages from the late R. C. Sproul and others.

Just Thinking podcast is a dialog between Virgil Walker and Darrell B. Harrison as they ponder societal trends, examining them in the light of Scripture.

The B. A. R. (Biblical and Reformed) podcast, hosted by Dawain Atkinson presents a biblical worldview from the Reformed theological perspective. They examine current events and interview great guests!

5 Minutes in Church History, hosted by Dr. Stephen Nichols, is a weekly podcast that provides an informal and informative look at church history.

Creation Answers is a podcast of Answers in Genesis featuring highlights from Answers magazine Article podcast provides real-world answers to the most asked questions in the vital area of origins laid out in the Book of Genesis, where the Bible is most under attack today.

The Institute for Creation Research hosts three blogs of interest for people who want to find out more about scientific discoveries relating to scripture.