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Here are series of messages grouped together. Click the picture or title to access each series.

  • Bob Dimmitt breaks down the nature of and solution for addiction. A sub-series of his messages from Romans.

  • Bob Dimmitt shares what he has learned from going the the ant and considering her ways.

  • Messages by various of our church leaders regarding the local church, church membership, church discipline, the ordinances, congregationalism and elders, our statement of faith and church covenant, among other topics.

  • Tim Wade goes through the book of Deuteronomy in the bi-weekly Young Adult Bible Study. Listen as the Law finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

  • Pastor Bob Dimmitt makes the case and gives us hope from God's Word.

  • What is life like when viewed from man's humanistic, rationalistic perspective? Koheleth tells us.

  • Bob Dimmitt expounds on Paul's explanation of our position in Christ.

  • Justification by faith explored and explained. Tim Wade's series for the twice monthly Young Adult Bible Study.

  • Bob Dimmitt breaks down John 1:1-5 in this 3-part series.

  • Pastor Bob Dimmitt takes us verse by verse through this most intimate of the four gospels.

  • The Imminent Return of Christ

    Can Jesus come back at any time? Pastor Bob Dimmitt looks at what the Scriptures say about it.

  • Using various biblical passages, Bob Dimmitt explores the foundational role of one's mind in a person's faith and actions.

  • Bob Dimmitt expounds Isaiah, chapters 1 through 18.

  • Associate Pastor Tim Wade leads us through the exploits of God's most reluctant prophet.

  • Christ's half-brother encourages us to contend for the faith. Tim Wade teaches.

  • Tim Wade guides us through this dark time in Israel's history.

  • A series celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Various speakers.

  • FABC Adult Choir, the Band, Children's Choirs and other special music.

  • Holidays, guest speakers, topics of interest, miscellaneous. Enjoy!

  • Bob Dimmitt closely examines what the Scriptures actually teach about this fascinating subject.

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